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Exciting Flash News

Adobe just released beta 2 of Flash Catalyst with lots of new stuff and improvement. It will be interesting to compare the release candidate of Flash Catalyst with Expression Blend. I think both have their strengths and weakness, but I’m pretty anxious for Adobe to release Catalyst so that I can make a fair analysis. […]

Gloves Off: Flash vs. Silverlight

There has been a decent bit of chatter on the interwebs lately about the advantages and disadvantages to the rival platforms of Adobe’s Flash & Flex versus Microsoft’s Silverlight. There are many strong feelings, mostly from coders, on both sides of the debate with valid points supporting their standpoint. I view this level of competition […]

Flash Momentum

The graphics above display the adoption of Flash player versions 6 through 10, as well as it’s feature adoption over time. Flash 10, along with rich-media competitor Silverlight V.2, were released in October of 2008. Flash 10 already has an adoption at roughly 75% of all internet users, while Microsoft’s Silverlight is still under 20% […]

FLARToolkit Demo

This demo was built with the FLARToolkit by Japanese developer Saqoosha. The shape recognition library is used in conjunction with the video camera to create a very unique interactive experience.