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Data Visualization Montage

Data visualizations are all the rage these days and they won’t be going away anytime soon. Well designed data visualizations are not only delicious eye candy, but also provide meaningful ways to navigate, calculate and rationalize a body of data. There are many channels to find inspirational data vis projects, but what separates the good […]

Tweetelection’s Tweetfographics

There has certainly been a recent surge in twitter-related data visualization. People love to aggregate all the online chatter into visualizations that are easy to digest. This a good way to identify trending topics and popular thought. Tweetlection, built by Sense Internet, is a interesting new online tool that harvests and analyzes thousands of tweets […]

FIFA Earth

Thanks to Information Aesthetics, I stumbled upon the recent FIFA Earth visualization, showcasing more than 2 million daily soccer video games. This visualization easily demonstrates how big soccer is. I am impressed with how smooth the interface moves with such a large dataset.  Here’s what Andrew Vande Moere has to day: Fifa Earth [] visualizes […]

Grafitti Taxonomy: Paris 2009

The contemporary art museum, Fondation Cartier is currently exhibiting Grafitti Taxonomy: Paris 2009. The project contains a repository of about 2,400 graffiti tags found in Paris France. Each tag can be explored to discover calligraphic-like similarities between individual text characters. The 10 most commonly used letters were identified for further study (i.e. A,E,I,K,N,O,R,S,T and U). […]