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The Future of Interacting with Holographs

The short film World Builder is about a man who builds a world for the woman he loves with a sophisticated set of holographic tools. This movie, by Bruce Branit, was shot in a single day followed by 2 years of post production.

Luke Buda – a Resn Production

Resn Interactive Luke Budda The interactive music & video experience from Luke Buda is an amazing display of sci-fi, folk-pop, imagination and delicious colors. The website Luke Buda was designed and developed by the New Zeland interactive agency Resn, and was recently featured on FWA. This is one of the cleanest integrations of 3D imagery, […]

Dragoncon `08

We came, we saw, we conquered! Dragoncon was a blast. I’ll have to say, that I had the most fun visiting the comic artist booths. It was pretty inspiring to see such a high concentration of talented illustrators and painters under one roof. I was excited to meet the guys from Atlanta-based Studio Revolver, and […]