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A Rant on Email Etiquette

Email can be messy. I see a fair amount of poor email etiquette on a daily basis from professionals that rely on email as their primary communication channel. I’m not referring to typos and grammatical glitches. Typos and abbreviations have become an expected fallacy in today’s fast-paced, mobile workplace, so you can drop the “please […]

Digital Sketchpads

There are several new tools to make the experience sketching and note-taking on digital devices more rewarding. Almost every pen gadget boasts an army of features but I haven’t yet found one that compares to the simplicity and comfort of a traditional pencil and paper approach. I think we’re moving in the right direction with […]

Lessons Learned on Freelancing

I’ve learned a few things since I recently started freelancing. Here are some takeaways from my experience so far. Networking The moment I changed my status on LinkedIn from ‘full-time’ to ‘freelance’ my inbox became flooded with opportunities I didn’t know existed. I enjoy getting random phone calls in the middle of the day from […]

Invite Only

Have a killer idea, but not quite ready for primetime? Better plant your flag in the ground and discourage others from stealing your dream. Plenty of startups are cloning the “launching soon” model in order to attract an early user base. This model is loosely based on offering interested parties early beta access in exchange […]